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"The whole eloquence of cinema is achieved in the editing room." - Orson Welles

Matt Coleshill was born… ummm scratch that. Let me try this in the first person instead. My name is Matt Coleshill and I was born just outside of London. My Mom won a green card lottery when I was in grade school and we were whooshed away to the most opposite place imaginable, Arizona! The great Southwest is hotter than Hades most of the year and movie theaters/living rooms are air conditioned so this created a monster in me, a pure consumer of all things entertainment. I scoured the video store shelves for the weird, strange and unusual and during my middle school years decided to make the jump to creating.


With a small handheld Hi8 camera I created my own films. I focused on action and horror films because that’s where my passions lie, even to this day. Most of these were stop motion affairs or tests of VFX and making monsters. When a VCR chewed up one of my master tapes of raw material I learned two important things. 1. Always DUB your tapes before working with them. 2. If you’re missing footage you can always cut around it and manipulate what you have. I saved my little short with editing. Now I knew the power of the Editor. He wasn’t just the person who put things together but the grand manipulator of space and time and that sounded like a pretty sweet gig to me!


I followed through, studied film at a community college and applied to AFI because growing up I’d always read how my favorite filmmakers had attended there. They let me in and I was determined. I did all the internships I could during the program. I was Wes Craven’s intern at his production company, assisted the head of post at Overture films and helped out in the cutting room of “Everything Must Go”. Once I was out of the AFI door I ended up working in the VFX department at Fox. While there I worked on collecting set data, scans and working with vendors on “X-Men First Class” and “Gulliver’s Travels”. It was a wonderful opportunity but I wanted to get back into the editorial side so I switched gears. At first I collected my union days working with Sandra Adair on a small documentary she cut, “Shepard and Dark”, and then I headed into Television and I’ve been there ever since.


I cut a special for TNT a few years back and I’ve been able to Assist with some wonderful people on great shows like “Zero Hour”, “Almost Human”. 2 seasons of “Under the Dome”, "The Catch", Prison Break", "Manifest", "Lost in Space" and 3 seasons of "Lucifer" where I was able to hone my craft and cut on 5 episodes. 

Last year I edited a feature film currently making the festival rounds and I look forward to working on more exciting projects especially in the horror, sci fi and action genres.





  • AVID Media Composer/Symphony

  • Boris FX Suite

  • Adobe Suite (Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop)

  • Final Cut Pro

  • Compressor

  • Pro Tools

  • ISIS/Unity Systems



  • Microsoft Excel/Word

  • Filemaker Pro

  • DAX

  • Aspera

  • Media Monorail



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